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Pharmacy Shelving
A professional dispensary workflow and design takes all aspects of medication logistics into consideration, allowing you to provide a high level of patient care. At Willach we focus on providing a complete solution that is tailored to suit your individual needs - whether you do 50 or 1000+ prescriptions a day, we have the right dispensary solution that suits your type, size and budget. The Z Series products are engineered in Germany to the highest international quality standards (ISO 9001 certified).

Our dispensary solutions are specifically designed to help you achieve:

  • A professional, modern and spacious dispensary design
  • An optimal dispensary workflow
  • Increased accuracy levels and the prevention of errors
  • A high level of stock control and improved medication management
  • A relaxed working atmosphere
  • More time to focus on core business and customer advise


FZ Full Height Pharmacy Drawer Systems
Full height high density medicine storage drawers.
BZ Bench Drawer Systems
Flexible bench system with deep drawers for bulkier items.
PZ Fast-Mover Pullout Shelving
Pullout shelving for fast moving prescriptions.
WZ Pharmacy Work Station
Pullout shelving combined into a working area.
RZ Pharmacy Round Shelf
For quick access to a wide range of pharmaceuticals.
Z Series Pharmacy Storage Solutions
Z Series Pharmacy Storage SolutionsZ Series Pharmacy Installations
Z Series Pharmacy InstallationsPharmacy Work Stations & Pullout Drawers
Pharmacy Work Stations & Pullout Drawers