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» Z Series Pharmacy Drawers & Shelving
Available in a wide range of size, the Z-Series bench drawer system is the perfect solution for your pharmacy. The drawers can assembled to form counter units, display areas, base units, impulse purchase areas, preparation benches, laboratories, administration desks.

  • A more open, customer-friendly design of your pharmacy.
  • An expansion of your product range and services.
  • A separate consulting area.
  • Greater order and tidiness.
  • Improved work processes.
  • With our pharmacy drawer system you save time, gain space and thus increase efficiency in your pharmacy.


The number of drawer bays, total drawers per bay and depth of each drawer are worked out from the dimensions of the space available. Given the Height, Width and Depth of the installation area our designers can accurately work out the best configuration to utilise the space as effectively as possible. Other factors when planning out the sytem include storage of bulkier items, most commonly dispensed items, accessability to higher drawers, extention of drawers within the working area's etc.




The drawers provide optimum access quickly, great visibility, maximum utilisation of space when stocking medicines and ergonomically perfect operation. The drawers also have uniform grid and cross dividers as well as label holders for all work areas of the pharmacy.

  • When opening the drawer a special pull-out mechanism is triggered. This allows the drawer to be extended significantly further, thus noticeably increasing storage capacity.
  • Perfect stability and load capacity of the drawer: Light-weight construction with strutting ribs and pressings as well as dual-wall, single section sides.
  • High corrosion protection: All cavities have been galvanised by electrolysis.
  • Outstanding surface protection: Phosphatising and powder coating covers all edges, stops abrasion, prevents dust and provides easy care.
  • Greatest guiding precision: Specially shaped precision tracks, on both sides of the running surfaces, ensure that the drawers could not be easier to open and self-close.
  • Optimum adjustment for different package sizes: Cross dividers of heights 70, 105 and 140 mm.
  • Secure hold: Shaped ribs for cross and grid dividers.
  • Fastlocating: Labels (in holders) help to find precisely the right package.
  • Easy access to packages: Flush label holder does not extend above side section. Will not break or catch.
  • Fast overview: Grid dividers with integrated label holder.
  • Proverbial silence: Plastic-sheathed steel ball bearing rollers run on powder-coated and not on galvanised parts.
  • Replace able steel ball bearings: Dust-proof prelubricated encapsulation on both sides.


Two types of metal drawer fronts are avaiable in a range of colours. Click here for more details.
BZ Pharmacy Bench Drawer System
BZ Pharmacy Bench Drawer SystemBZ Bench Drawers width Customised Drawer Fronts
BZ Bench Drawers width Customised Drawer FrontsRed Metal Drawer Fronts
Red Metal Drawer Fronts