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Pharmacy Shelving
The X series combines a range of highly popular pharmacy drawer systems that are used through-out Europe. Designed specically for the storage of medicines within pharmacies and healthcare facilities the robost structure efficiently provides high density medicine storage with a minimal use of floor space.

  • High quality design and materials used, the robost design significantly increases the lifetime of the drawers far exceeding the lifetime of timber drawer systems and inferior products.
  • Angled drawers enable FIFO prinicple of drug storage
  • Mesh drawer bottoms prevent collection of dust and increase visiblity of medicine packs from below
  • Clear Labelling
  • Drawers fully extended increasing storage capacity
  • Cladding packs available in a wide range of finishes


HX Pharmacy Drawer System
Full height high density medicine storage drawers.
LX Pharmacy Drawer System
Angle drawers to increase visibility of medicines and enable FIFO principle.
VX Pharmacy Drawer System
'V' shaped drawers increasing medicine visibility and enable FIFO principle
BX Pharmacy Bench Drawer System
Flexible bench drawer units with wide choice of sizes and accessories.


VX Drawer Divider System
Divider System
VX Drawer Double Depth
Double Depth Drawer
VX Drawer Front
Drawer Front
VX Drawer Extended
Extended Drawer
XT Drawer with Clear Sides
Drawer with Clear Sides
Mesh Bottom
Mesh Bottom
Drawer Fronts Labelling Kit
Drawer Front Labelling Kit
Pullout Step
Pullout Step
Drawer Rollers
Anti-static Rollers
Tie Bar
Rear Tiew Bar for Stability
Wall Fixing
Wall Fixing
Floor Fixing
Floor Fixing
HX Pharmacy Drawer System
HX Pharmacy Drawer SystemLX Pharmacy Drawer System
LX Pharmacy Drawer SystemVX Pharmacy Drawer System
VX Pharmacy Drawer SystemBX Bench Drawers
BX Bench Drawers