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» Y Series Pharmacy Shelving
A full height shelving module can take up to 10 pullout shelves for maximum stock density. Shelving units can be easily linked to create longer runs which suit the space available. Modules will also lock together back to back to create a free standing island unit.

  • Pullout shelves - extend fully on heavy duty drawer runners to allow easy access to rear.
  • Plastic dividers help ensure that different products, strengths and formulations do not become mixed or confused.
  • The angle of the shelf allows the stock to slide forward ensuring “first in, first out".
  • All shelves can be locked in the open position - ideal for restocking.
  • Reduced depth shelves - place above the work surface for handy storage that doesn't interfere with dispensing operations.
  • Half width shelves and base plinths create a smaller module so that all available space can be used.
  • Flexible labelling system helps identify stock location quickly. Use A-Z or insert you own labels.
  • All shelves can be fitted into the system in a horizontal position if required.
  • Stock up to four times more than traditional flat shelving.
  • The use of sloping pull-out drawers that enable stock to be seen and easily retrieved may also help reduce selection errors.


Pullout Shelf50mm718mm520mm
Reduced Depth Pullout Shelf50mm718mm350mm
Half Width Shelf50mm335mm520mm


Y Series Reduced Depth Drawer
Reduced Depth Drawer
Y Series Half Width Drawer
Half Width Drawer
Y Series Labelling Kit
Labelling Kit
Y Series Extended Shelf
Extended Shelf
Pharmacy Pullout Shelf

Y Series Pharmacy Pullout Shelf
Pharmacy Pullout Shelving System
Pharmacy Pullout Shelving System